Ny Chakrya

Ny Chakya3Date of birth: July 21, 1970

Marital status: Married with one daughter (18) and two sons (11, 8)

Occupation: Deputy Secretary-General of the National Election Committee and former Head of Human Rights Section and Legal Aid at ADHOC

Charges: Accomplice to bribery of a witness (Criminal Code Article 548 & Article 29)

Possible prison sentence: 5-10 years’ imprisonment

Date of arrest: April 28, 2016

Date of Charge: May 2, 2016

Place of Detention: Phnom Penh prison

My husband used to help victims of human rights but now he is imprisoned. Why?” – Yem Chantha, Ny Chakrya’s wife

Ny Chakrya lives together with his wife and children in Phnom Penh. His wife is a housewife and Ny Chakrya is the sole income-earner in his family. His daughter currently pursues a degree in economic development at the Phnom Penh International University while his two sons study at a public school. His 11-years old son enjoys studying with his father in the evenings and wants “dad to come back and continue to teach me at home.

Ny Chakrya’s wife describes him a good father and says they lived a very happy life before he was detained. Now, their youngest son always cries during dinner, and asks “when will my dad come back?

Ny Chakrya met his wife while he was studying in Germany. They were married in 1995 and had their first child in Germany. After he graduated, he immediately knew he wanted to return to Cambodia to work for human rights. In 2000, he started working for the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC). At ADHOC he worked on various human rights issues, working to help victims of rights abuses and frequently visiting resisting land rights communities. In mid-January 2016, Ny Chakrya left ADHOC to take on his new role as a deputy secretary-general of the National Election Committee. His daughter says he loves to work with and for people. His family is very proud if the work Ny Chakrya does and describes him as brave and humble.

Ny Chakrya’s wife and his children visit him frequently in prison, where he shares a cell with many people. They worry about his health because of the poor prison conditions, compounded with his high blood pressure and cholesterol. His family brings him medicine and food each time they go to visit him. His wife also says it is almost impossible to bring him any other things to aid his comfort because his cell is too small to store anything.

When will my dad come back?” – Ny Rithyvorn, Ny Chakrya’s youngest son